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As far back as I can remember, cooking has been an incredibly important part of my life. Having spent years travelling the globe in search of the world’s tastiest cuisine, many of these culinary concepts have been distilled into my own personal take on some much-loved flavours.

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Meet Cedric Okiorina

Over many years and through countless destinations, I’ve travelled the world to learn about culinary perfection. As this journey has left an unforgettable impression on my cooking, I’ve transformed a myriad of flavours and influences into the dishes you’ll find on this blog. More about me here!

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I believe good food is central to living a good life. Browse through my favourite recipes for special diets, plus time-tested classics and modern experiments across several international cuisines.


Having travelled and dined extensively through beautiful countries such as Morocco, Turkey and India, I’ve come to admire the importance of halal cuisine and its dedicated preparation.


Delicious food doesn’t have to be bad for you. With the right techniques, anyone can cook using lean meats, vegetables, legumes and grains to create dishes loaded with flavour that won’t tighten your belt.


Just because you’ve decided to go vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up great tasting food. My love for animals and the environment means I’m always looking to produce exciting dishes that won’t harm the earth.


Plenty of our favourite dishes are loaded with carbs, but the rise of the keto diet has given people who require a low-carb alternative a way to enjoy wonderful food. Check out my keto-friendly meal ideas.

Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is beloved all over the world for a reason. With each country and region offering so many delightful flavours to sample, the vibrant dishes I’ve put together here take a range of authentic ideas before adding my own unique twist.

A bowl containing a variety of spices.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

With sumptuous food and hospitality intrinsically linked in Middle Eastern culture, my appreciation runs deep for just how much eating with friends and family means to this part of the world.

European Cuisine

Across subtle French cuisine, the fervour of Italian cooking or the hearty meat dishes that come from the east, I don’t discriminate against any of the remarkable flavours emerging from continental Europe.

American Cuisine

American cuisine might seem big and brash, but it’s ultimately a reflection of the country’s long and storied migrant past. Having travelled up and down the country, I can’t get enough of the fusion flavours on offer.

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I’m always in the kitchen experimenting with a hint of this or a pinch of that. Check out my latest recipes for some mouthwatering inspiration.

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